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Personal Background



This memorial website was created by Debra Dallimore in loving memory of Sean Dallimore.

Sean was born on 21.10.1993 and sadly passed away on 21.10.1993 at the age of 0.

Sean is missed greatly by family and friends and will be remembered forever





Sean was our 3rd child. At 39 weeks i went for a routine midwife appointment thinking everthing was fine. The midwife examined me and tried to listen for baby's heartbeat. but there was none. I was taken to hospital by ambulance where a scan revealed our worst nightmare, our baby was dead. I remember lying there frozen and then crying out loud, how can it be ???  The doctor told me i would have to give birth naturally , and also how my baby was breech, he had turned in his last days, had that been the reason he had died ??


The following day my labour was induced, but i would not give birth until another whole day, more than 34 hours later. Sean was breech, and at first i was afraid to look at him,yet alone hold him :( It sounds strange i know, but i was afraid of death.  The midwife though got Sean dressed and then came back into the room and very gently laid Sean into my arms. He was so perfect, totally perfect. So many emotions went through me, love, pride, grief, everything all at once. But the strongest of them all was love. I wrapped him tightly in his blanket to try and keep him warm, but he got colder as the hours passed, that was so hard, for a mum all you ever want to do is keep your baby warm, and i could not do that. The colder Sean got the more my heart broke. Three  hours after i had given birth i sadly handed Sean back to the midwife. Our hello had been brief, but our love will last forever.




Sean was burried in our town's cemetery, Penzance, this is where he would have grown up, gone to school, played, worked, married and maybe even had his own children.  Sadly it would only ever be his resting place.


About 2 months after Sean was burried my husband took this photo, when it was developed this is what we saw. I like to believe it is an Angel ., watching over our son and letting us know he is safe.





This is Sean's grave now, i go to his grave every 2 weeks with fresh flowers. I love my boy so much and he will always and forever be a part of me.







Sean's post mortem could not find any reason for his death. He was a perfectly healthy and formed baby.  For a long time that haunted me, why had he died, was it something i had done, was i being punished. I will never know, but i do know that my love and a huge part of me went with him xx






My Little Boy



Your little boy cries too much
My little boy makes no sound,
Your little boy sleeps warm in his crib
Mine lies cold in the ground.
Your little boy woke up today
My little boy never will,
Your little boy laughs and plays
My little boy lies still.
Your little boy makes you proud
And just as proud am I,
Cause while your little boy
is learning to walk
My little boy can fly.



Sean's 16th Birthday

happy birthday precious one
















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God Bless You & Your Family - God bless you precious little Sean, rest peacefully, until once again you are with you mummy and family that misses you so. Sent with love, Olivia - from Olivia Close

God Bless - God Bless, little man x - from Sue Pollard

God Bless - Darling Sean, i made this site in your memory, your light will shine forever. I love you so much my darling. xx - from Mummy

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Mummy - I remember holding you in my arms, holdng your hand and examing your perfect little fingers. Your face and how beautiful it was. I shall cherish holding you close to my heart Sean and getting to spend those precious hours holding you xx